Our modern steam cleaning extraction equipment reduces drying time, while the Safe-Clean product line will restore the fresh clean look and feel of your carpeting.

Don't be fooled by carpet cleaning services that only use a vacum. We use the Best professional truck mounted steam equipment and green cleaning products available to ensure the Best results possible.

Before you spend a fortune on new carpet make sure you try our carpet cleaning services first. Although some carpets are beyond recovery many of our customers have saved their carpet with our carpet cleaning services.

Do you or your family suffer from allergies? Dust mites in your carpet are a major cause. Our steam equipment will kill and remove all dust mites that come in contact with our burning steam. Do you and your family a favor and sanitize your carpets with our proven carpet cleaning services.

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Vacuum, Steam Extraction, Pre-Conditioning, Edge Cleaning and Spotting


2 Rooms and Hallway $75 6 Rooms and Hallway $172
3 Rooms and Hallway $90 7 Rooms and Hallway $196
4 Rooms and Hallway $125 8 Rooms and Hallway $219
5 Rooms and Hallway $149 Steps $2.50 each

If a room is over 250 square feet two rooms will be charged.


In addition to vacuum, steam extraction, pre-conditioning, edge cleaning and spotting our gold service includes some furniture moving and base board cleaning. Also included are carpet deodorizing / grooming and we use special furniture blocks and shoe booties to protect your carpet.


2 Rooms and Hallway $89.95 6 Rooms and Hallway $196.00
3 Rooms and Hallway $116.95 7 Rooms and Hallway $223.00
4 Rooms and Hallway $142.00 8 Rooms and Hallway $249.00
5 Rooms and Hallway $169.00 Steps $2.50 each


Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

The Best Green Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet cleaning companies are not concerned with with the environment and do not use green carpet cleaning products at all. At Best Carpet Cleaning we strive to use safe green carpet cleaning products where ever possible to help ensure that we are keeping the environment and you safe from overly harsh carpet cleaning chemicals. The carpet cleaning industry is constantly improving the green carpet cleaning products that are available on the market and we make sure to use only the best.

To this end we make sure that we are properly trained to work with our carpet cleaning products and we have access to carpet cleaning products that are far stronger and of a much higher quality than is found by the normal individual. Some of the carpet cleaning products that we use are oxygen, enzyme and phosphate based which are extremely effective against their class of carpet stains. For example synthetic carpet would not use the same carpet cleaning product as a wool rug. We are trained to know which carpet cleaning product to use on which carpet and the type of stain involved for best results.

For some stains the green carpet cleaning products will not be 100% effective and in those cases we will resort to stronger products only after attempting the best green products available. We strive to clean your carpets in the most efficient way possible while taking into account you and the environment.

The Best Steam Truck Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the recommended carpet cleaning method by carpet manufactures over less effective methods such as absorbent dry extraction, dry foam and bonnet carpet cleaning. Although called steam carpet cleaning it actually just uses hot water and not pure steam. Steam carpet cleaning comes from the Hot Water Extraction method as used in chemistry. The high pressure is used for agitation and the high water temperature is used to increase the carpet cleaning chemical reactions that occur in the process. In our carpet cleaning the solution that comes in contact with the carpet is from 120 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Also important is that steam carpet cleaning leaves the least amount of residue compared to other methods leaving your carpet cleaner and with a much less possibility of any allergic reaction. In order to clean efficiently carpet cleaners must be properly trained in using the wand, solutions and in maintaining the very expensive carpet cleaning equipment in working order.

Our steam truck mounted carpet cleaning will give you the best possible results in cleaning and sanitizing your carpet. What makes a mounted truck carpet cleaning system unique? In stead of relying on chemicals only like some cheep carpet cleaning companies, a truck mount system brings in the power of high-pressure burning hot steam that leaves your carpet like new. First we use an alkaline solution that conditions and loosens up any deep stains. Physical agitation with our specialized wands will disperse most hard to remove areas. Our carpet cleaning uses natural solutions and detergent solutions that crystal out and are quickly removed in the final pass and in your first routine vacuum. In some cases we use carbonated solutions that are useful on certain organics. We also recommend that you seal your carpet with products that will further protect your carpet from becoming stained and soiled so easily. This will save you both time and money extending the live of your clean carpet.

After our carpet cleaning we recommend that you turn on your house fan or fans to dry up any remaining moisture before walking on your clean carpet. Our carpet cleaning ensures that extraction of all dirt, grime and solutions are as efficient as possible thus avoiding any problems in drying. Our carpet cleaning pretreatments are able to rinse properly because they use solutions that have very little actual water and instead have a mix of ammonia or alcohol. We have mastered the skill of balancing the need for the amount of solution used to the particular area of the carpet thus lowering the drying time. If you have any wrinkles in your carpet it is due to age and stress and a qualified carpet tucker might be able to repair it.

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